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Prices and news of the crypto Fetch.Ai (FET), Chainlink (LINK) and Theta Network (THETA)


Our column on the news and prices of the most hyped cryptocurrencies in recent times is back, today we will analyze three well-established projects in the ecosystem: Fetch.Ai (FET), Chainlink (LINK) and Theta Network (THETA). 

Prices and market statistics of the crypto Fetch.Ai, Chainlink and Theta Network 

Let’s start with the first one, related to artificial intelligence: (FET) has seen a significant increase in value, with a current price of 1.13 USD and a market capitalization of 940.6 million USD.

The trading volume in the last 24 hours was 305.1 million USD, while the circulating supply is 832.3 million FET. The average holding time is 58 days, highlighting a stable support from investors. 

With a growing popularity, ranking 79th, has reached an all-time high with a positive variation of 56.51% in the last seven days, demonstrating significant interest and growth potential in the cryptocurrency market.

Chainlink (LINK) shows a current price of 17.91 USD, with a market capitalization of 10.5 billion USD. The trading volume in the last 24 hours was 414.9 million USD, while the circulating supply is 587.1 million LINK. 

The average holding time is 74 days, indicating a stable involvement of investors. With a significant popularity, ranking 12th, Chainlink has reached an all-time high but has recorded a negative variation of 9.9% in the last week, with a price that has dropped by 4.13%. 

Despite the recent correction, the solid base of supporters suggests a potential for recovery in the near future.

Theta Network (THETA) currently records a price of 1.20 USD, with a market capitalization of 1.2 billion USD. The trading volume in the last 24 hours was 28.1 million USD, while the circulating supply is 1.0 billion THETA. 

Although the all-time high has been slightly exceeded with a variation of -1.96%, the price change in the last seven days shows a modest growth of +5.64%. 

Theta Network continues to consolidate its position in the cryptocurrency sector, offering a decentralized platform for video streaming, with strong support from investors and users. 

Its presence on the market continues to generate interest for its potential in improving the online content consumption experience.

Let’s now move on to the news that involved crypto projects. 

Fetch.AI in collaboration with Deutsche Telekom

The collaboration between Deutsche Telekom and the Foundation marks a significant milestone in the merging of artificial intelligence (AI) and Web3 technologies. Thanks to this partnership, Deutsche Telekom’s MMS subsidiary validates the decentralized network of, demonstrating a fundamental technological advancement. 

The Foundation, a Dutch non-profit association founded by Bosch and, is responsible for the development of Web3 and AI technologies within the network.

This alliance is based on the role of Deutsche Telekom MMS as a member of the network and validator of security and integrity. 

AI-driven autonomous agents facilitate resource management, transactions, and traffic flow evaluation, seamlessly integrating devices, individuals, and services in the realm of blockchain.

Dirk Roder, leader of the Web3 Infrastructure & Solutions team at Deutsche Telekom MMS, emphasizes how autonomous agents will improve industrial applications and IoT integration, leveraging blockchain to enhance industrial services, security, and scalability.

The availability of the open-source source code of’s blockchain encourages collaboration among companies to revolutionize industries and promote innovation.

By protecting the storage and transmission of data and leveraging artificial intelligence for the analysis of blockchain transactions, this partnership promises to improve user privacy, control, and innovation in the healthcare, banking, and automotive sectors.

Humayun Sheikh, CEO of, highlights the potential of real use cases to improve the network with independent agents, AI, and decentralized Web3 technology.

The partnership between Deutsche Telekom and will be presented at the largest European event on IoT and AI, Bosch Connected Experience (BCX), on February 28 and 29. 

Through the collaborative experimentation of blockchain ideas, the alliance aims to leverage Bosch’s expertise in the automotive sector and Deutsche Telekom’s infrastructure to promote’s goals.

By promoting business collaboration, the Foundation encourages the advancement of AI and Web3 technology, paving the way for new ideas and business opportunities. 

Thanks to a mission-oriented and innovation-focused approach, Deutsche Telekom and aim to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and blockchain.

Polygon and Chainlink riding the wave of DeeStream

Polygon (MATIC) and Chainlink (LINK) are leveraging DeeStream (DST) to drive a transformation of decentralized streaming. With the price of DeeStream at 0.035 dollars and locked liquidity, investor confidence is strengthened.

DeeStream, after undergoing rigorous checks, represents a promising evolution in the digital content landscape. Its advent opens the doors to unprecedented scalability and innovation.

Polygon, the Layer 2 scalability solution of Ethereum, aims to improve scalability and usability. By using sidechains and plasma chains, Polygon alleviates congestion and reduces gas fees on the Ethereum mainnet.

Interoperability with Ethereum smart contracts ensures seamless integration and adoption in decentralized finance platforms (DeFi).

On the other hand, Chainlink revolutionizes industries by securely connecting real-world data with blockchains. 

In DeFi, accurate price feeds enable automated trading and lending, while in supply chain management, Chainlink ensures transparency and authenticity. 

Furthermore, Chainlink applications extend to the gambling, insurance, healthcare, and IoT sectors, allowing various industries to have reliable and tamper-proof data.

DeeStream, with its innovative approach to streaming, offers pre-sale investors early access and revenue sharing opportunities. With DST as the main payment currency, token holders have access to exclusive features, contributing to the revolution of decentralized streaming. 

While Polygon and Chainlink ride the wave of DeeStream, the future of decentralized streaming looks promising, driven by innovation and collaboration.

 Our column on the news and prices of the most hyped cryptocurrencies in recent times is back, today featuring Fetch.Ai, Chainlink, and THETA. 

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