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Latest news and price analysis of the crypto The Graph (GRT), Litecoin (LTC) and Bonk (BONK)


In this article we report the latest most relevant and interesting news regarding the crypto ecosystems of The Graph, Litecoin and Bonk.

On the price front, we observe how the respective crypto GRT, LTC and BONK moved in conjunction with yesterday evening’s pump of BTC and ETH.

We can anticipate that this morning the entire altcoin market woke up with a smile!

All the details below.

Latest news for the crypto projects The Graph, Litecoin and Bonk

There is never an end to innovation in the crypto world, especially when we talk about the project of on-chain data indexing The Graph and its team always on top of the latest developments in the cryptographic sector.

In particular, The Graph Foundation has recently launched the “Sunrise Update” program, which consists of an initiative aimed at supporting the Sunrise of Decentralized Data  allowing the network’s subgraphs to update each other.

Infatti da poco il progetto  è entrato nella “Sunbeam Phase” e richiede di aggiornare i sottografi di servizi ospitati a The Graph Network,celebrando i dati decentralizzati e resistendo ai monopoli e ai giganti centralizzati di SaaS del web legacy che cercano di controllare il mercato dei dati on-chain.

For the event the group has allocated 4 million GRT, valued at approximately 1.36 million dollars, to reward The Graph community for their contributions to the missions completed in this program.

Missions consist of a series of creative technical and non-technical tasks (on-chain and off-chain) open to anyone who wants to try their hand at various tasks in the web3 universe, all divided within a 3-phase operational plan.

To participate, you can register at their official Discord.

Democratize Data. Revolutionize web3. Earn GRT

The Graph Foundation just launched the 4 million GRT Sunrise Upgrade Program – empowering anyone on the internet to revolutionize how the world accesses data.

Join and complete a variety of fun onchain and offchain missions…

— The Graph (@graphprotocol) May 2, 2024

Passing now instead to the crypto payments protocol Litecoin, we can see how it has been celebrated for the fifth consecutive month as the best provider for Bitpay exchange transactions, representing over 40% of all transfers made.

By doing so Litecoin confirms itself as one of the main technologies in the market in this specific niche, with the LTC resource perfectly integrated to support various types of payments such as rewards, discounts, refunds, affiliate agreements, payrolls, collections, mass cryptocurrency payments, etc.

Another significant milestone of the project and the Litecoin blockchain to highlight is that in this first phase of 2024 it has already processed over 40 million transactions.

Litecoin is by far #1 for transactions, actually for the fifth month in a row, on @BitPay. Averaging this year with over 40% of all their transactions. Actually, more than the next three combined.

But, there’s a new chart to track, Payouts! And $LTC is tied for the top spot.…

— Litecoin (@litecoin) May 20, 2024

Finally, as for the crypto meme Bonk of the Solana ecosystem, there is not much to report except for the presence of some representatives of the project at the “Electric Daisy Carnival” (EDC) event in Las Vegas held last weekend.

On the occasion the members of the Bonk team seized the opportunity to network spreading the word of memecoin within a festival that features the best DJs and EDM and multimedia artists of the moment, all in the surreal setting of Las Vegas.

These events are fundamental in order to obtain greater connections with the outside world, and to bring the non-crypto public closer to this sector with alternative ways that are significantly less demanding than the classic more technical approaches.

Coming soon Bonk will also be present at the “Consensus 2024” event, hosted by Coindesk in Austin from May 29th to June 1st.

The Dog had a BONKing good time at EDC Las Vegas over the weekend

Time to get back to work, and get ready for Consensus in Austin, TX at the end of this month

— BONK!!! (@bonk_inu) May 20, 2024

Analysis of the prices of the crypto GRT, LTC and BONK: altcoin on fire after the pump of BTC and ETH

Passing now to the evolution of prices, we can see how all 3 crypto GRT, LTC and BONK moved very well during yesterday evening with daily performances sometimes even in double-digit percentages.

In detail the entire sector altcoin has responded very well to the breaking news involving Ethereum and the spot ETF issue, with this latter investment product now having a much higher chance of being approved by the SEC as early as Wednesday.

In this context ETH has led the entire sector registering one of the biggest pumps ever observed in recent years, with a growth of about 20% in a few hours.

Similarly, even Bitcoin has expressed all its energy by violently breaking above the $70,000 threshold, approaching its historical high set at $73,700 and indicating to the entire market that the bull market is back.

GM $ETH witnessed the largest 1d market cap gain in its history.

#Ethereum (ETH) price eyes $4,000 as odds of spot Ether ETF improve.

Amid the SEC’s push for spot Ethereum ETF issuers to submit their 19b-4 filings, whales have been buying ETF in massive quantities.

— M6 Labs (@M6Labs) May 21, 2024

Amidst these turbulences GRT records a +11.78% in the last 24 hours with the prices of the crypto that quickly went from 0.30 to 0.35 dollars per token.

The volumes have intensified, as has been the case for most cryptocurrencies in the sector, with the project’s marketcap returning to 3.3 billion dollars.

Despite the recent growth, the The Graph crypto is still far from its all-time highs at 2.25 dollars: for now, the goal is to return to the local high of the last two years in the 0.50 dollar area, last touched in March 2022.

The breakout of that level could open the doors to new price pumps for GRT.

LTC registers a less exciting performance, with prices increased by 5.80% in the last 24 hours. The large-cap coin has recovered the level of $88 but could be rejected shortly if the bulls do not show a particular bullish trend.

The 100 dollars represent a particularly relevant resistance, which in recent weeks has acted as a repellent for the bulls’ incursions, pushing the price down on several occasions.

Once the 100 dollars mark is surpassed, we could witness a strong rise in LTC; which coincides with every bull market records a very marked speculative bubble.

Capitalization at 6.6 billion dollars and low volumes.

Finally for BONK we report a very aggressive bullish price evolution, with the memecoin that has equaled Ethereum growing by 18.50% in the last 24 hours, shifting investors’ bias from neutral to optimistic.

After the last BONK movement, it approaches its historical high reached in March 2024, opening the doors to another phase of meme mania that has characterized the Solana and Base business squares in the first quarter of the year.

It is worth noting how BONK bounced back perfectly from the dip on April 17th, highlighting strongly the bottoming pattern.

Meanwhile, the crypto market recovers a capitalization of 2 billion dollars, also marking a strong increase in trading volumes.

 In this article we report the latest most relevant news regarding the crypto ecosystems of The Graph, Litecoin and Bonk. 

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