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Chinese yuan faces headwinds ahead of Golden Week holiday


The is bracing for the upcoming Golden Week holiday, an event that will lead to a temporary trading halt in mainland China while continuing globally, potentially leading to asset disparities. This eight-day period, which starts on Thursday, will see a lack of daily reference rates due to the closure of the onshore market.

The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) is adding another layer of complexity by escalating currency control measures. These measures are leading to diminishing trading volumes and are curtailing opportunities for traders to place directional bets.

The yuan is confronting multiple challenges as it prepares for the Golden Week holiday. The combination of a trading halt in mainland China and increased currency controls by the PBOC could result in significant shifts in the currency’s value and trading dynamics.

The PBOC’s escalated currency control measures are part of a broader strategy aimed at maintaining stability in the country’s financial markets. However, these measures are having a noticeable impact on trading volumes and limiting opportunities for traders.

As we approach the Golden Week holiday, traders and investors will be closely watching the yuan’s performance. The combination of the trading halt in mainland China and increased currency controls could lead to unexpected movements in the currency’s value, creating potential opportunities but also risks for global investors.

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