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Calibre and Marathon Gold shares react to merger news




Shares of Calibre Mining Corp. and Marathon Gold Corp. experienced notable changes today after the companies announced their C$345 million merger. Calibre Mining saw its shares drop 13% to C$1.19, while Marathon Gold’s shares climbed 9.4% to C$0.70.

The merger comes at a time when Marathon’s stock had already fallen nearly 40% year-to-date from its high of C$1.25. Despite this decline, the agreement between the two companies is set to facilitate the seamless construction of the Valentine Gold Project, located under Newfoundland and Labrador’s jurisdiction. The project is expected to significantly boost gold production, with an anticipated output of around 500,000 ounces of gold in both 2025 and 2026.

In addition to the Valentine Gold Project, the merger also promises exciting prospects for discovery in Nicaragua and Nevada operations. The combined entity aims for high-quality diversification, which is reflected in the ownership structure post-merger: Calibre shareholders will own approximately 66% of the new company, while Marathon shareholders will hold around 34%.

This strategic consolidation is designed to create a more robust company with a stronger presence in the gold mining sector, leveraging both companies’ assets and expertise. Investors have reacted to this news with mixed sentiment, as evidenced by the divergent movements in share prices for Calibre and Marathon today.

InvestingPro Insights

Drawing from InvestingPro’s wealth of data and insights, we can shed further light on this merger. For Calibre Mining Corp (CXB), InvestingPro Tips highlights that the company yields a high return on invested capital and holds more cash than debt on its balance sheet. This financial stability could be a key factor in Marathon Gold Corp’s decision to merge.

From InvestingPro’s real-time data, we see that Calibre’s market cap stands at $402.94M with a promising P/E ratio of 4.51. In the last twelve months as of Q3 2023, Calibre experienced a significant revenue growth of 32.26%, indicating a strong financial performance.

Turning to Marathon Gold Corp (MAW), InvestingPro Tips reveals that the company, similar to Calibre, holds more cash than debt on its balance sheet. Despite a declining trend in earnings per share, Marathon has seen a high return over the last year.

The InvestingPro data for Marathon shows a P/E ratio of 25.85 as of Q2 2024, with a revenue of $382.75M. Despite a slight decrease in revenue growth, Marathon has maintained a healthy gross profit margin of 50.27%.

These insights from , home to hundreds of additional tips and real-time data, provide a deeper understanding of the financial health and performance of both Calibre Mining Corp and Marathon Gold Corp. The merger of these two companies presents an intriguing development in the gold mining sector, and it will be interesting to track their progress in the coming years.

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