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Anticipated tech IPOs falter as Waystar delays listing to 2024



In a surprising turn of events, the initial public offering (IPO) market, which had been expected to flourish this fall with high-profile companies like Arm Holdings (NASDAQ:), Instacart (NASDAQ:), and Klaviyo (NYSE:), is facing a setback. The tech sector’s much-anticipated offerings, which initially exceeded pricing expectations and saw a surge in trading, have experienced a downturn with stocks trading below their IPO prices just weeks after their launches.

Arm Holdings, Instacart, and Klaviyo, along with German shoemaker Birkenstock (NYSE:), priced their stocks at or above expectations during their recent IPOs. While Arm Holdings has managed to maintain its initial momentum, the others have not been as fortunate. This performance has cast a shadow over the market and is likely to discourage further IPOs for the remainder of the year.

Adding to the market’s challenges, Waystar, a healthcare-payment company, has decided to postpone its own IPO until 2024. The decision comes amid stock market volatility and investor concerns that new listings may not secure high listing prices. There’s also a growing hesitance towards offerings that quickly fall below their IPO prices, known as underwater offerings.

The shift in investor sentiment can be traced back to the end of 2021 when rising interest rates began driving investors towards safer investments like money-market funds. These funds are considered more stable compared to new listings from young growth-oriented companies with limited audited financial histories, which are now seen as riskier bets.

Despite assurances from bankers who claim they can manage IPOs effectively in both up and down markets provided volatility remains low, unexpected economic events such as surprise interest-rate hikes and regional banking crises have led to significant stock-market swings over the past two years. These swings have had a detrimental effect on the IPO market, leading to the current cautious approach from both companies considering going public and investors alike.

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